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About Us

If you haven’t ridden a bike in years, you’re our customer.

If you’ve just competed in a race, you’re our customer.

If you need help choosing a safe bike for your children, you’re our customer.

And if you’ve been riding for years, you’re our customer, too.

Bikes and Life was founded by a team of four visionary founders who are driven by excellence and have a passion for cycling: John Antretter, Chantal Line Carpentier, Jeff Faine, and Luc Morin. They are all very accomplished, driven, and passionate about health and fitness. One enjoyed a successful 10-year career in the NFL, three are Ironman triathletes, and all are avid cyclists. Their goal? To create creating a healthy, positive environment in which to learn about, shop for and service bikes while promoting programs that get you and your family on the road to health and happiness.

Our CEO's Story

Four years ago, our CEO John Antretter, Jr. weighed 217 pounds – and he’s 5'8"!

“My story really is Bikes and Life. At 48 years old, I was very unhappy. I hated seeing pictures of myself. I was stuffing myself into size 38 pants – when I really needed a size 40. My knees hurt as I walked up stairs. I was pre-diabetic and my blood pressure was on the rise. I needed to change – immediately.

I began by eating better and exercising. Because of the weight on my knees, I started out swimming and hopping on the stationary bike at the gym. I began to lose weight and, more importantly, I began to feel better.

After a year of improvement, I began to push myself harder physically. I ran my first race in Central Park (3.5 miles) in June of 2012. The more I improved myself, the more I became intrigued by triathletes. I began to run more, swim more and ride the stationary bike more. I knew then it was time to buy a bike.

John Antretter todayToday I weigh 150 pounds. Over the past two-and-a-half years I have completed an Ultramarathon (50 miles) an Ironman (140.6 miles) an 85-mile Gran Fondo bike race, a Tough Mudder and a Spartan. The more I work myself, the more motivated I become.

Through this transition, I realized that every day, you can change the rest of your life. Cycling is a great way to do that. So, with my partners, we have created Bikes and Life – a place to learn about, shop for and service bikes. But more importantly, a healthy, positive environment to help you and your family get on the road to health and happiness.”

– John Antretter, Jr.

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Our Mission

Ignite the passion for cycling by offering a great selection of bikes and gear and the right method to fit them to our customers. Fuel the ride with services such as seminars, training and events that support beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists. Help our customers feel the rush by getting them on a bike and outdoors – whether alone or with a group. To inspire everyone to get into cycling because they will love the journey. Come ride with us!